Troubled by a recent breakup and financial problems, Alyssa Bounty comes to confide in you, the hot basketball player. While venting her sentiments away, all you could think of was how to help the striking lady with all her problems. Offering financial assistance in times of need makes it a fulfilling gesture, especially towards a beddable lady in front of you. Alyssa is delighted with the kind gesture and returns it with a sensual touching, pleasing the cock. With no further ado, the brunette hottie hops on top of you and opens your pants’ zipper, releasing your massive cock for her to behold. Starting with a steamy foreplay, Alyssa blowjobs your big black cock and accompanies it with a playful handjob. As her eyes sparkle with horniness, this stunning woman lets her lips stretch out and wraps them around your girth. You reach and discard her zebra-printed dress, parading her small pierced tits and admiring it to your heart’s content. Alyssa is only left in her black thong, which is pulled aside to prep and warm her throbbing slit. The sexy lady rides your BBC in cowgirl, savoring the sensation of having her pussy filled and stretched to its limits. After grinding and bouncing on top of you, Alyssa slides off and shoves the dick back into her mouth. Continuing to fuck in reverse cowgirl, this small-tit babe twerks on top of your enormous dick, letting her peachy ass create a wild bounce. Wanting more of your attention, the adorable hottie bends over and lets you thrust into her tight hole in doggystyle. The hardcore fucking continues in missionary, putting her tits, curves, and clean-shaven pussy in full display. Alyssa didn’t stop rubbing her clit while your BBC pounds into her, and she finally cums. You continue to enthusiastically fuck her until you pull out, jerk off, and give your beautiful partner a facial.

March 7, 2024


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Wow she said give me that black cock during reverse cow girl. This is a first on here. And a first in years. Somehow talking like that has been banned.

Andrew Youngman



why has saying black cock been banned?

Nickey Milo

It hasn't and it is up to the girl if she wants to say it!


Mmm! Hearing the girls talk about Big Black Cock is always a turn on, aside from watching their little holes get completely fucked out by BBC. Hearing these white girls acknowledge the reality that they are taking Big Black Cock in their tiny white pussies is so damned good. The final doggy/blowjob/mish was fantastic, and when Alyssa went to finally suck the cum out of that Black King Cock at the end, she seemed genuinely happy from the fucking she had received. Good scene.


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