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The homie came over to the house to celebrate some news that he and his boy were doing an album together for Pop’s record label, when a sexy piece of French ass named Anissa got back home from a shopping trip. “Just something my Dad brought back from Paris,” the kid said about his dad’s gorgeous Parisian friend. Watching that thick booty bouncing up the stairs in a tight-fitted dress seemed like more than just a little something brought back from Paris. Apparently, Anissa was always losing her phone, asking for foot massages, the usual hot slut kind of stuff so he warned him to stay away from her. She’s trouble. Immediately after his friend left, Anissa came down to tease him like the naughty little French pussy cat she was. She began playing with her sexy wet pussy, teasing that black cock into submission, making it grow harder and harder with each flick of her French clit. After her throbbing pussy couldn’t take it anymore, Anissa led him upstairs to taste that bbc and gag on it with her slutty French mouth. She slurped and spit all over that enormous piece of dark chocolate, taking it in her slutty wet mouth. Trying to fit it in all the way, she started choking on that bbc, taking it in her esophagus like a good French slut. He started fingerbanging her tan wet pussy as she moaned, “Oui! Oui!” jerking that monster black cock with two perfectly manicured hands. When would her man be home? Hopefully not soon, but this was just too good to pass up. Her enormous French titties were jerking off that bbc in a way that no other American chick had done before. Giant titties bouncing in his face, his thick cock ramming into her tiny hole, Anissa was the piece of meat he had been dying for. After thrusting his cock into her wet hole, Anissa stroked his giant black meat stick with her sexy pedicured feet, taking it one stroke at a time like a bound French prisoner of the cock. Her tiny little asshole was peeping out from behind as she begged for him to give her more, “Just like that!” Quivering with delight, Anissa fit that giant black cock into her wet hole, screaming with pleasure. Next, he turned her around so that she was lying flat on her back where he could watch her tits bounce violently up and down, her legs spread Eagle wide open as he jammed his bbc into her tight pussy, finally bursting with thick white cum all over that dangerous French pussy. Just as she was tasting it on her cunt, her son came home. Contract over. Fuck. Maybe it’s time to renegotiate? Who can resist French pussy as delicious as Anissa’s. And those glorious French titties. Oui. Oui.

September 30, 2020


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I hope I've found my new favorite porn site of all time. 🙏🏿

Andrew Youngman

Yes you just did😁🔥


I love how they started a new site with a new theme but still respecting their loyal foot fetish fanbase in the schene. Awesome new site.


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