It can be frustrating when plans don't go the way they should. Anya Olsen can't help but feel disappointed when her friend is not at home. They are supposed to spend some time together, but your sister bails out on her without saying anything. Luckily, you are at home, so her visit to your house will not go to waste. The gorgeous blonde in a sexy cream tube top and skimpy skirt sits opposite you. She teases you with her naughty words before playing with her hairy pussy in front of you. Watching the skinny hottie play with her cunt is enough to make your dick bulge. Anya is quick to notice that you are enjoying the show. She drops to her knees and takes out your big black cock. The naughty hottie strokes your massive ebony dick with her warm hands before sticking it inside her mouth. You can feel her plump lips gripping around your dick as she gives you a sloppy blowjob. After making sure that your BBC is wet with her spit, Anya bends over and rides your dick in reverse cowgirl. The naughty slut can't help but moan as she enjoys your big black cock in cowgirl. She gives you another round of blowjobs before riding you again with all her might. The sight of Anya's tight pussy creaming all over your cock motivates you to fuck her tight coochie harder. Anya gives you a footjob-handjob convo before bending over on the couch with her booty sticking out in the air. You watch her bubble butt bounce hard while you fuck her in doggystyle. Anya's facial reaction makes you want to stretch her pussy to the limits. You tirelessly slide your big black cock in and out of her pussy in missionary before dumping your warm and sticky cum all over her body. Anya naughtily scoops the creamy jizz on her body and hastily puts it in her mouth.

November 3, 2022


Comments (9)


There he go with his damn hands again. Damn we want to see her ass. He covers it. MAKE HIM STOP!!!!

Nickey Milo

The girls love his big hands it keep them going, and nothing worse then girl that doesnt get what she wants!!!


Anya Olsen always looks amazing. I love the eye contact, it reminds me of the work she's done with Blacked. It would be great if she could return and do a creampie scene.


Whole missionary postion looked way better in the images, you could see all of Anya, scene was way too zoomed in, also why was the image of her pulling back her legs and sucking Isiah dick cut out? It was a hot position!

Andrew Youngman

Yeah... She was so hot he came prematurely right before that position. That was meant to be the position for the cum shot... That's why it's missing... It was one of those porn things. Lol


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