When staying in someone else's house, it's natural to pay back the owners for their hospitality. Since it's your day off, you want to laze around and relax. You are scrolling through your phone in the living room when Andi Avalon, the mistress of the house, comes in. She expresses her surprise when she sees you at home instead of at work. The blonde MILF finds you incompetent and tells you to find a way to contribute to the house. When you ask Andi what she wants you to do, the naughty woman looks at you with her sultry eyes and tells you to place a pillow on the floor between your legs.

The tattooed beauty kneels on the pillow and touches your thighs and groin, hinting at what she wants. When you express your reluctance, Andi assures you that things will be alright, she is the one who has the final say in the household. The stunning MILF takes out your big black cock and starts stroking it. She pleases your huge dick with a blowjob-handjob combo before helping you take off your pants entirely. The gorgeous lady also pulls down her floral top to use her big tits to deliver a sensual titjob to your BBC. Andi stands up and pulls up her skirt, exposing her shaved pussy.

You are unable to resist the temptation of the hottie's fine looks. Andi looks down on you as you eagerly rub her clit with your thumb. The hot MILF then gets on top of you and grinds her crotch against your black rod to tease you. She rides you in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl before getting down and giving your BBC a handjob-footjob combo. The frivolous actions successfully drive you crazy from lust, prompting you to rough up her wet pussy in missionary and doggystyle. After the intense thrusting, you can feel your climax nearing. You quickly pull out and dump your load in Andi's mouth.

June 27, 2024


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Nice, enjoy seeing you guys mix up the male talent a bit lately and bringing on some thicker BBCs.


Perfect missionary angle!!


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