With books and papers in hand, Molly Little enters the room with exhaustion on her face. Despite looking tired, the sweet-looking babe's presence brightens the room, shifting your attention to her warm aura. Molly sits beside you, dropping her books on the table, before expressing how burnt-out she is and in need of an Ebony man to boost her energy and ease her mind. You can't help but focus on her lips and hands moving around her slim body as she spills her nasty desires, clouding her mind. The innocent-looking babe tells you that her pussy is soaking wet, hoping you can help her release some tension for a bit.

Molly teases you with her velvety voice and alluring aura before dropping to her knees and facing your boner. Her delicate hands unclasp the button and zipper of your pants before pulling them down, letting your big black cock spring out. The sexy minx wraps her luscious mouth around your shaft, giving you a sensual blowjob-handjob combo. The doll-faced babe removes her baby blue dress and showcases her small tits. The sensual foreplay proceeds with ball-sucking, face-fucking, and deepthroating. Molly spreads her legs as she sits on the table before stimulating her clit and slit. You finger her shaved pussy, widening and warming her up for the moment she's craving.

Laying down comfortably, you insert your black cock into Molly's tight pussy. Her loud moans fill the room as you build pace while fucking her in missionary. The two of you continue to intensify each other's horniness by fucking in doggystyle and reverse cowgirl, slapping her firm ass, and deepening your BBC in her shaved pussy. Molly decides to stop for a while to give you a gratifying footjob before positioning herself on top of you and fucking you in cowgirl. The sultry brunette's eyes roll at the back of her head as you continue to thrust in and out of her wet hole, coating your BBC. Molly removes herself on top before making you cum all over her feet.

July 4, 2024


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When i first recommened yall get molly little, yall said she kept canceling because of schedule. I knew this would be a D average. Maybe yall think her assis too small, or the white girl too innocent,or maybe she can't fuqk, but she should have did reverse cowgirl like previous girls, with her legs on the outside of his where she could grind, twerk, bounce, and move her little ass on him. Also without his Shaq ass hands covering the scene.


I like Molly but there was nothing particularly unique or interesting about this scene. A lot of scenes have been like this lately. Maybe we could get more "theme" videos, or as I have suggested in the past - some cosplay / roleplaying scenes? Anything to change up the formula would be appreciated. Just keep the great POV shots and play around with everything else!

Andrew Youngman

You got it!


yall aint made molly ride that dick


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