Beautiful blonde babe, Geisha Kyd, wants to get closer to you. Despite you being her mom's new boyfriend, the gorgeous lady can't help but feel naughty towards you. She prepares an apple for you to enjoy while you read on the couch. As the two of you talk for a while, Geisha finally shows her true colors. She starts teasing you with her seductive smile and naughty words. It doesn't take long before the horny maiden starts touching your crotch. Unable to control her lustful desires any longer, Geisha drops on her knees and takes out your big black cock. She can't believe seeing your massive dick up close.  Geisha composes herself for a bit before giving your BBC a sloppy blowjob. She tries her best to fit your massive ebony dick inside her tiny mouth. You can feel her warm tongue and plump lips brushing against every inch of your black cock as she slides it in and out of her mouth. After making sure that your stiff rod is wet with her spit, the naughty babe gets on top of you and rides your BBC in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. Her tight pussy lips clench tightly around your big black cock while you fuck her in doggystyle. Geisha can't help but moan out loud as your BBC slides deeper into her twat, stretching out the insides of her pussy.  You continue to fuck the petite beauty in missionary while admiring her bouncy natural tits. The sound of her moans and the look of her face while you pound her wet pussy on the couch motivate you further to give her the intense pussy-fucking she desires. After tirelessly sliding your cock in and out of her pussy, you feel like you are about to cum. You pull your cock out of her tight coochie and let her give you a blowjob until you cum all over her beautiful face.

March 10, 2022


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Please tell me Zoltan has shot/will be shooting Geisha for LHF!

Andrew Youngman



Super hot scene, well done. Geisha was amazing and the angles were on point. I’m not sure if it’s ever crossed your mind Andrew, u think u can have a scene that like shows the mother of the story plot? Like how Geisha heard them at night “making fun noises” and have a scene that has Geisha “mom” and this male actor in a scene that represents that night Geisha heard them. Not sure if it’s the popular opinion but I think it would be cool to tie in different scenes to the same story/family plot. Might give some new scene ideas for past older scenes where the mom is having sex with the actor but maybe the daughter overheard it or the moms friends wants to know what it’s like. Just a thought, some ppl might appreciate it since it seems this is the first site I usually don’t skip the story plot and go straight to the sex. Also the download link doesn’t seem to be working right now.

Andrew Youngman

Hey man, Thanks for your input. I'll absolutely consider your idea for upcoming scenes. Sure that would be hot. As for the download it works for us but if you still experiencing issues put in a ticket at Thanks


Damn can u tell these dudes to watch how POV is supposed to be done?! Tell these dudes to move their damn Shaquille O neil size hands off their ass when they ride on top?! We want to see their ass move up and down when they ride. These dudes need to keep their legs closed. That is something new, cause I've watch other POV past and present and never see dudes with their legs spread open.


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