Valentine's Day gifts are normal between couples. Melissa Stratton's brunette girlfriend helps her prepare for the big present that she has prepared for her. The busty babe can't hide her excitement, knowing how much effort her partner put into organizing the gift. Melissa’s girlfriend gives her a hand in putting on the reddish brown lingerie that perfectly highlights her big tits and round ass. To show her appreciation for the lovely lady, Melissa kisses her with her eyes full of affection. The beautiful couple goes out of the bedroom after finishing their preparations. Melissa and her girl head to the living room, where you are waiting. The busty babe looks so pleased upon seeing the surprise, especially when she spots you sitting on the couch without any pants on. Seeing your big black cock erect and ready for her makes Melissa even happier. She expresses her gratitude to her girlfriend before approaching you. The horny lady strokes your BBC while her lover watches. To make you even harder, the hottie delivers a sensual blowjob-handjob combo and titjob to your big dick. After that, she turns around and lets you tease her clit and slit with the tip of your rod. Melissa proceeds to ride you in reverse cowgirl before getting down to suck your BBC. When your length is wet with her spit, the curvy beauty climbs on top of you again and continues to ride you in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. She then gets on her hands and knees for you to pound her trimmed pussy in doggystyle. In order for the busty babe to enjoy the gift, the brunette girlfriend kisses her and leaves the two of you alone. Melissa's moans reverberate around the room as you keep on plunging your black cock in and out of her hole in missionary. The naughty lady calls back her girlfriend so they can watch you cum together. She takes your rod in her hands and pumps it until you climax on her tits. Melissa also smudges the rest of the jizz on her face before thanking you and her partner for the best Valentine's Day gift.

February 15, 2024


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this was awesome! Love the girl watching her ride him. It's okay to bring in skinny girls as well. They know how to move their ass, especially if they are american or americanized. Smaller asses are great as well like chole cherry. I hope yall can get molly little


Got a mf ALLSTAR lineup this month, looking forward to all the scenes!!!


Amazing! Love Melissa. Could have been one of the best VR vids of all time, though.


I would have loved both sharing the dick, great job again.


Who’s the girlfriend?


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